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J. David Riva was born into an entertainment family. His Father was a Scenic Designer, his Mother a star of Early Television, his Grandmother was Marlene Dietrich. Throughout his childhood his family lived in six countries, finally returning to the United States in 1973. After attending Dalton High school in Manhattan, David went into the family business. He began by becoming an associate producer on Broadway, working on both Television and stage productions.

Shortly after, he got a job in the Mailroom of one of the country’s top Talent Agencies, “International Creative Management” (ICM). After attending and graduating from Antioch College with a BA in Film, he returned to ICM where he worked his way up in the company and eventually became a full agent, representing a variety of musical groups, actors, producers, and writers. He made the move to Los Angeles while Head of Talent for the prestigious talent agency “The Lantz Office.” There, he began packaging Film and Television and helping Production companies formulate Branding, Advertising, and resource outreach programs. His Celebrity Clients included Bette Davis, The Tennessee Williams Estate, Michael Jackson, and many others. He was instrumental in forming “Film Polski”. His career as an agent
spanned 32 years.


Cooking with Dave

It's all about Recipes from Old Hollywood: from my Grandmother's favorite recipes to legendary meals served at some of Hollywood's gastric institutions like the Brown Derby. 1930 to 1960 was the time to eat! I'm going to bring some of these dishes back. Like, when was the last time you had an awesome Beef Stroganoff? Or perhaps some of that Steak Diane they used to eat at Chasen's? It's going to be fun!

Cooking With Dave

Food Blog

Food Blog



A Woman at War: Marlene Dietrich Remembered (Painted Turtle) Hardcover – September 22, 2006

by J Riva (Editor, Contributor), A. C. Lyles (Contributor), Alfred Hens (Contributor), ...

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